Tire also chills 7 ° C below the best replacement winter tires

Most car factory standard tires summer tires in the wet or on dry land, and can play a good handling. When the outdoor air temperature is less than 7 degrees, the rubber material of the tire began to harden brittle and lost flexibility, resulting in the tire grip decreased, the face of the icy and snowy roads are more prone to slipping phenomenon, greatly reduce the coefficient of driving safety.

Winter tires are specifically designed for ice and snow in the winter, a special tread compound and tread, to maintain flexibility at low temperatures, with good grip, traction and braking performance. Therefore, in order to ensure that the winter travel safety, replace the winter tires for the car is very necessary. You can very simply through the sidewall of the snowflake logo and M + S words, identify winter tires.
, Tire pressure with the temperature change, the winter should also pay close attention to
Safety, service life of the tread wear, vehicle handling and fuel consumption, etc. of the tire pressure of the tires are essential. And the tire pressure of the tire with the internal temperature of the gas up / down change, liter / internal temperature drop of 10 ° C, the pressure also will rise / fall 0.07-0.14Kgf/cm2.
In the heat of summer, in order to avoid a tire failure, many vehicle owners will pay close attention to tire pressure changes. In fact, the winter is also to keep the habit of regularly checking tire pressure. Moreover, many people mistakenly think the flat tire is the tire pressure is too high due to the fact, insufficient tire pressure will increase the friction, the tire temperature rises, more likely to lead to puncture accident occurred. Should timely adjust the tire pressure is too high or too low.
Third, do not love the mix of wind, coaxial tire should not mix and match
In the winter, many owners began to consider the replacement winter tires for the car to enhance the vehicle's handling and safety. But if incorrectly replaced, give the car a security risk. For example, many car owners may think that as long as the replacement of the two drive wheels, can improve the startup performance of the vehicle, but this approach is not desirable, it will cause the car grip front and rear ends of the imbalance, causing the car spinning on ice and snow, Lut tail very dangerous. Dr. Giti Tire remind you, it is best to put on winter tires to the car's four-wheel, in order to ensure a strong grip winter.
Should be noted that the different specifications, different structure of the tire can not be installed on the same axle. Different specifications of tire mounted on the same shaft, not only affect the service life of the tire, more importantly, will be caused by vehicles running tire grip, so four of uneven force are likely to cause deviation or skidding, leading to many traffic accident. In addition, even with the specifications of different brands, because of the aggravation and tread different, the best and do not mix and match. So, winter replacement tires do not "mix and match" to choose the same brand, the same pattern of the tire, this is the correct change tires Road.
Fourth, the tire needs care, slow down is king
In fact, traffic safety, tire conservation, and the owners of the day-to-day driving habits have a close relationship, like walking posture and shoes material will affect the shoes wear the same reason. Car driving method of a great relationship with the tire wear, good driving habits can effectively protect the tires, to extend the life of the tire, while improving driving safety.
The most important thing is to control the travel speed in the cold winter, safe driving. This is because the resistance of the snow and ice roads in winter is small, only 1/4 of the dry asphalt pavement, and thus the braking distance will grow significantly. The GITI Dr. Reminder winter outgoing owners must bear in mind that "slow down is king", pay attention to control the speed, not to hard acceleration, braking, so as to effectively protect the car and tires in the cold season, , so as to effectively prevent traffic accidents.
Five, 50% tread depth of winter tires unique winter lifeline
Many car owners know the tread pattern of the tire handling, traction and grip of the importance, therefore, tire wear according to the pattern of the timely replacement. Each tire has the tire wear identification (Tire Wear Indicator). It is located in the bottom of the tread is higher than about 1.6 mm Goudi boss, while its corresponding tire shoulder portion marked with "TWI" or the symbol △. When tread wear tire wear identification, the description of the tire has reached the wear limit, and must be replaced immediately.

Winter tires, there is a different from summer tires winter lifeline - 50% of tread depth. Specifically, winter driving, winter tire tread depth has worn to half, it is recommended that you immediately replace it with a new winter tire. This is a special winter tire tread design, the remaining 50% of the tread pattern is unable to fully guarantee the performance of its snow. Of course, taking into account the economic environmental factors, these wear half of winter tires in other seasons can still continue to use, until it reaches the wear limit so far, only in the speed level, noise, fuel consumption and other aspects of performance, may be somewhat more fragile than summer tires .


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