Tire expired early replacement can lead to accidents

Some owners think the tires, as long as not bad you can continue to use, tires are service life if the tire has expired will not be able to continue to use. Bad tire easily lead to accidents. Cause to themselves and others life safety hazard.
Detect tire pressure on a regular basis is very important
Perhaps we all know that the tire pressure changes as the temperature changes, the winter tire pressure is necessary to an adequate number. If the tire pressure is likely to lead to a flat tire. Xu owners told the author, under normal circumstances, the risk of loss of pneumatic tires puncture higher, if the tire loss gas also continued to travel, make the tire sidewall deforms the car a long time inside the tire will accumulate a lot of heat heat eventually lead to tire internal air pressure changes, causing a puncture.
It is reported that the tire loss puncture gas caused accidents account for almost half of the puncture accident, so it is recommended that owners usually must develop a good habit of regularly checking tire pressure. Owners can purchase a tire pressure monitor, every twelve weeks monitoring tire pressure can often visually to see whether the loss of gas tire. The most reliable way is to the 4S shop tested once every two weeks or a month.
Determined not use expired tires
Some owners think the tires, as long as not bad you can continue to use, tires are service life if the tire has expired will not be able to continue to use. Xu webmaster, under normal circumstances, the life of the tire in 2 years to 3 years, or about 60,000 kilometers traveled more than life or badly worn tires should be replaced.
It is reported that the shelf life of the rubber is generally about 5 years, and tire life with the use, storage, and other conditions are closely related, therefore, a vehicle to pay close attention to their own tires, once the tire aging, accident damage and wear serious and so on should be promptly replaced.
"Injured" tires do stop the
"Injured" tire generally refers to the leak on the tire sidewall is more complex, the road taken by the owners of the day-to-day driving and therefore bar tires phenomenon is inevitable. Xu the webmaster told reporters, tire pricks generally positive leak can be repaired, can also be a good complement to the normal use, but if the tire sidewall or tire sidewall and tread angle between the leak can not be repaired, do not use it anymore even if repaired.
Xu webmaster to remind owners, everyday driving should always check the tires for damage, such as: to see whether the tire surface tie nails, cuts, and other phenomena, once the damage is found to promptly repair or replace. If you find that there are some stones in the tire grooves, have to be removed to avoid deformation of the tire crown. Also, do not let the tire contact with oil and chemicals.
Every once in a while to give rotate the tires
The tires each run for some time the transposition will be carried out, so they can keep the tires wear evenly. Vehicle traveling 5000 km should do a tire rotation every 5000 km -1 000 km per vehicle to do a wheel alignment, in order to avoid tire abnormal excessive wear. Is not allowed to install different models on the same shaft or the old and new differences larger tires. The high-frequency the wheel unbalance excessive high speed will generate swing, causing tire wear is not conducive to driving safety. Balancing test should be conducted to adjust tire repair, tire-sided balancing test value should be less than or equal to 40 g.


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