Tire sales model to explore a new

Recently, tire sales 'hidden rules' "," price into a tire supplier 'can not say that the secret of' news to be found in the major media, and sometimes, tire prices opaque is the object of criticisms.

The Tire World Network interview, Joe surname staff of one of the agency of a brand tires, this phenomenon is due to: related system is imperfect, regulators are not in place, the manufacturers did not openly guide price. In addition, he also pointed out another very important factor: the lengthy sales channels.

"Pyramid" structure of the current drawbacks

"Tire now 'pyramid' style direct sales structure drawbacks is that manufacturers is difficult to control and manage the price of course, confusion." This Joe surname staff's explanation.

It is understood that, at present, the products of domestic tire enterprises primarily through sales of the provincial agents (an agent), and then through two distributors distribution to the next level dealers or retail stores. Services and policies of the manufacturers is also true path to implementation.

A news site, a tire industry analyst, said, "pyramid-style sales model has the powerful radiation ability to capture the market for tire manufacturers products play a huge role, but poor market conditions, its drawbacks are gradually revealed .

According to analysis, the complex hierarchy of sales, will lead to manufacturers is difficult to control the market, the tire manufacturers constrained by the dealer; multilayer structure sales also hinder efficiency, and is not conducive to the formation of a product's price competitive advantage. In addition, one-way, multi-level circulation, making the information is not accurate, and timely feedback; and many of the sales policy of the tire manufacturers can not be effectively implemented and implement.

It is reported that some agents try to direct sales model, that is, directly to end customers. But this model does not have a wide range adopted.

So, the direct model in practice faces the problem?

The agents direct sales threshold is high

Hebei Province, a certain brand of tire dealers gave away the mystery: the direct the threshold is too high.

"If direct sales agents, retail and repair shops need to be open to the county, the township went, staffing and equipment overhead will be very large." The agent said.

It is understood that a county general 5-6 tire sales or repair shop will be located. Such as Shandong Province, about 60 county-level administrative areas, you need more than 300 sales or repair shop can only coverage. In addition, stores are equipped with tire Tire Lift Auto insurance tools, small air compressor, balancing machines and four locator.

Investment in supporting facilities, plus the cost of staff, to build 300 to the store, and I am afraid that any one agent must weigh.

The sales channels sinking or breaking

So, whether the current multi-level sales model irreplaceable? Is there a better sales model?

"Sales center can sink to the county." Insiders idea is to make some changes in the existing sales channels, explore a new sales model.

Past, tire manufacturers have given a lot of preferential policies of the provincial agents, in order to mobilize the enthusiasm of their sales. The source believes that these preferential policies directly to the existing county and township-level dealers, thus shortening the sales channels, enhanced controllability of tire manufacturers on the market.

In the part of the tire industry view, this model is not yet mature, and to replace the existing model is not realistic, but gave the tire industry sales model changes brought new ideas.


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