Cross-type replacement tire position to extend tire life

Close to the Lunar New Year holidays, like traveling by car owners, but also ushered in an opportunity to travel with their families. Detection of car conservation is an essential part of traveling by car before. The owners how to choose the face of car maintenance staff recommends replacement tires, traveling by car on the eve of the Spring Festival, people are concerned about the topic.

The car replaced with new tires to to choose fitted front axle or the rear axle, the decision should be based on the vehicle's drive configuration as well as the implementation of the road. For the average family car, automobile tires, traveling about 30,000 kilometers, you can select the location of the cross type front and rear tire replacement to use, you can extend the life of the tire.

For coaxial tire than reasonable

Car owners driving habits, as well as the car driven system, the owner of the day-to-day car process varies around the tire wear. Rational owners generally are not at one time all four tires replaced, or will be retained to continue using for the better performance of the tire.

The automobile front of the "buy tires should look the same as the original tire specifications, models and tread design, in order to enjoy a more safe and pleasant driving experience best not to tire free to choose according to their preferences." axis is responsible for steering, the need for better grip. The plus the general car's engine is the front, which have higher demands on the use of load and wear of the front wheel, the owners of the replacement tires usually hear the proposal is to replace the front tires.

But tire manufacturer has different recommendations. The official website of a well-known tire is recommended to install the new tires in the rear axle of the vehicle, the reason is the new tire can provide better than the old tire wet grip, and when the new tire is mounted on the rear axle can reduce vehicle in the risk of drift on slippery surfaces.

Models and road conditions decided to replace the order

"The timing of replacement tires should be based on the degree of wear of the tire to determine, for the average family car, if you do not need to be replaced with new tires, traveling about 30,000 kilometers, can choose the position of the cross replacing the front and rear tires to use, if often open traveling in the crowded city roads, the front axle tire blowout caused the steering out of control is clearly at greater risk, it is recommended to use the good tires on the front axle; And if you like to drive fast, often run high-speed vehicles, triggering flick the probability far is much greater than the probability of puncture, it is recommended that a good tire mounted on the rear axle. After the drive type good tire mounted on the rear axle is naturally controversial things.

"Security of the new tires at the front axle, rear axle good to be the owner of the car." The role of the automobile front axle and rear axle, as well as different types of dangers faced different environment hazards . The owner found tire puncture hazards exist bulge, rupture, but can not be promptly replaced, the best the hidden tire temporarily change to the rear axle.

If you have a spare tire is best to put on the spare tire, but most models are equipped with tires smaller than the original tires, so can not substitute for normal tires for a long time traveling. Spare tire should be mounted on the rear axle, spare tire inflation pressure is higher than normal tires, the front shaft will affect steering and braking. The Fan Liangyin said that the spare tire should have a special cleaning position, put together do not oil and lubricants to prevent aging safety problems arise.


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