The huge potential of the domestic tire market demand

China's automobile production and sales are constantly refresh, which also makes the tire market in China to become a major tire giants compete for the market, all brands want to place in the Chinese tire market.

Machinery industry analyst pointed out: "12th Five-Year" period, China's tire industry has seven major trends:

First: With the green energy-saving low-carbon environmental protection concept continues to mature, the domestic and international tire companies are very concerned about the development of such a theme. During the "12th Five-Year Chinese tire enterprises from raw materials, technology and product standards, comprehensively promote the Chinese the green tire industry development, the industrialization of the" green tire "strive to achieve at the end of 2015.

The second is: The tire industry to find a green self-discipline standard is the first step. Mandatory tire labeling regulations are already in the United States, Japan, the European Union, the South Korean national implementation, the Brazilian tire labeling regulations are also in the pipeline. China's green tire program of industrialization and green tire self-regulatory standards will also be introduced in early 2013, the ultimate purpose of promoting the formation tire labeling law in China, with the international standards.

Third: At present, the level of automation of the part of the tire is already quite high, but there are still low level of automation of enterprises. The future development direction of the tire plant is to achieve a high degree of automation, improve manufacturing standards.

Fourth: low excess capacity has been seriously troubled by the domestic tire industry, enterprise merger and reorganization is imminent.

Fifth: a growing number of tire companies began building a tire plant in Southeast Asia and other places. Southeast Asia is the largest rubber production base of raw materials for enterprises to transfer production of the tire businesses, which provide unique geography and price advantage. Southeast Asia has gradually become the Chinese tire companies "strategic shift" in the target areas.

Sixth: Chinese tire enterprises are generally small scale, competitiveness is not strong, especially production technologies and processes and international level, there is still a wide gap. A long time, China's tire business promotion and disguised price cuts is the usual means of pioneering. More and more tire companies realize that this price war is harmful to both itself and the industry as a whole, efforts should be made to improve their technical level and product quality, and rely on the brand to participate in the market competition. Future, the tire industry will complete the transition from a price war to a brand war.

Seventh: the future of China's fastest-growing winter tire market, especially the Chinese people's concept of car maintenance is gradually changing, huge potential demand of the domestic winter tire market.

According to the the still & P Consulting released the "2012-2016 China rubber tire market analysis and investment value research report" shows: the tire industry is highly competitive tire companies in order to stand out in the competition, the competitive environment, and expand market share, the most The main task is to build a good tire products. Again to the market breakdown of the scientific and launch of new products based on user needs, to meet the diverse needs of various market segments, a surprise to the user. With the auto market in China is not only prosperity, consumers tire diversified, personalized requirements will be more demanding. The tire brand only adhere to the continuous improvement of scientific research and technology, in-depth user needs to an invincible position in the market.


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