Tire relationship life dynamic balance recovery vehicles governance deviation

Vehicle after a period of time, will always be found that the direction of some slight deviation, many drivers have not really focused on what issues vehicle deviation will give security to bring. Long-term deviation will tire harm and serious risk of a tire failure. In fact, the vehicle deviation in large part because subtle changes caused by the owners of the day-to-day process of moving, inadvertently bump tires. Chexun Wang editing-site check deviation of the correction of the tire dynamic balance to governance tire deviation.

Car wheels is composed of a whole tires, wheels. However, due to manufacturing reasons, so that the quality of each part of this overall distributions impossible very uniform. When the car wheel after a high-speed rotation, it will form a state of dynamic imbalance caused by vehicles in the wheel jitter, steering wheel vibration phenomenon. In order to avoid such a phenomenon, or the elimination of this phenomenon has occurred, it is necessary to make the wheels in the dynamic case, the method by increasing the counterweight, so that the wheels of each edge portion is corrected balance. This correction process is commonly known as dynamic balance.

Today I want to talk about is the vehicle for a long time deviation, change the tire on the tire caused the injury, the dynamic balance correction process. The attentive owners will find that in the automobile wheel hub on the edge, and some have one or more blocks of varying sizes small lead weights. Compared with the various beautiful wheels, these small lead weights seem somewhat contrast. However, what this all small lead weights, high-speed vehicle stability plays a very important role.

Tires should do balancing check regularly, check with the balancing test instrument. The tires balanced divided into two kinds of dynamic balance and static balance. Dynamic imbalance causes the wheel swing, so tire produce wavelike wear; static imbalance will have bumps and beating phenomenon, tend to make the tires flat spot phenomenon. Therefore, regular testing balance can not only extend tire life, but also improve the stability of the car driving to avoid the tire swing, beating at high speeds, loss of control caused by traffic accidents.

Tire replacement process

Since it is a replacement of tires, we first speaking to said tire removal process. Here is to use the tires Tyre. To say here is to play the role of Tyre in Tyre process. First, the technician will tire of the gas is released, then the technician will the edge of the tire and wheel junction manual demolition, but the demolition Grilled preparatory work done by the tire machine to use.

Subsequently, the technician is necessary to start the machine to separate the bonding between the tires and wheels, this process manually to operate, you will spend a lot of time to complete, so the use of the machine for the technician who is a good assistant to save work time.

Finally, the technician will handle good tires placed in a horizontal position, with the allocation function machine tire wheels completely separated, the dismantling is complete, we will be able to see the the hub wall like rarely see .

Tire removal is completed, technicians will owners choose the right tire mounted to the wheel hub, the tires now are generally non-liner tires, demolition of installation also eliminates a lot of unnecessary trouble.

The technicians in the installation process need to be reserved in the tire along the wheels on the tire groove is installed on the back wheels. After the installation is complete, technicians will need to inflate the tire. However, during filling, the the technician need continuous extrusion tire to correct engagement of the tire and the hub, to achieve the effect of seamless, so that the tire will not leak or not inflatable.

Balancing procedure

Front tire demolition installation process, we want to introduce is the dynamic balance procedure. The operation of this process is relatively simple and quick. Technicians for the process and results of operations requirements is more stringent, because this is, after all, related to the vehicle if there are security risks in the future process of moving.

Do balancing requires four steps: first wheel is mounted on a dynamic balancing instrument, choose to adapt to the size of the holder. Ruler to pull out on the first dynamic balancing instrument, measurement, and then enter the first controller (such as 7.2).

The second step is then to bend feet come up, measuring the width of the rim, and the same on the second controller input (such as 7.5).

When the detection is stopped, the computer will measure the weight of the need to increase the weight of inner and outer rim, taking first the outside, rotate the tires, the weights banging on the prompts.

Balancing is only for a single tire, the purpose is the deflection of the tire in the rotation itself does not occur gravity. Dynamic balance as long as the tires removed, balancing machines, turned to see the value of the machine displayed.

Said so many procedures, nothing more than want more owners and friends to know, if the tires appear the deviation phenomenon how timely and effective remedial maintenance, to avoid dangerous in the process of moving. Regularly to detect the tire whether the deviation is also day-to-day car must pay attention to the key.


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