Three-quarters the height of the water driving car tire is the limit

Recently, attention and rescue personnel and vehicles besieged by a storm flood, the face of the rainy season, how to travel safely, take preventive measures has become a hot topic of people.
    So, how to judge how deep hydro-off car? Teach you simple and useful trick: three-quarters of the tire is the vehicle's wading safety line, below the height of the water level, the vehicles generally do not appear loss.

    The water level in the tire height casually; over three quarters of the water level, a little dangerous; level not seen all the tires, headlight edge, do not leave the engine there is the danger of water flameout. Parked in vehicles on the side of the road, the water level exceeds this height as long as the water did not have all the tires, regardless of the engine start did not start, need to do a comprehensive vehicle inspection.

   Remind owners to report, you must remember to tell the repair shop the water what Yandao car where the damage survey, to facilitate the repair shop.

    "Wading car timely drying is the most important, regardless of whether the vehicle is in motion wading or parked in flooded and dry are the most important in the latter part of maintenance work, do not dry in a timely manner will be no end of trouble. "Sometimes the driver to take the car from the water to open up, and there was no problem, two or three months of failure slowly revealed, the repair is not only difficult, but also very difficult for insurance claims."


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