Tires have a shelf life of

In recent years, with the continuous improvement of people's safety awareness, car safety has drawn increasing attention. However, according to statistics from related departments, the accident caused each year due to a puncture car tires accounted for more than 30% of the highway accident rate, how to eliminate the tire safety hazards, improve traffic safety a top priority.

According to the survey found that there are three kinds of common tire risks:
First, the actual pressure of tires irregularities, regardless of high or low tire pressure will be great harm to the life of the tire.
Second, the car every day on the road, many small broken glass and other debris will be squeezed into the tire lines, these seemingly insignificant debris will be more crowded, moving here again under attack there may occur puncture.
Third, the aging of the tire. Many people think that the tire should be worn to the tread smooth when changing a tire. In fact, the tire is the time of life, general manufacturers time life of the tire as four years. That is, even if it is a new tire, shelved four years also can not be used.


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