Paint / interior / tire maintenance various care tips

Car maintenance is a commonplace thing, but you want the vehicle maintenance is not easy. The paint surface is very fragile, maintenance requires owners of gentle approach. In addition, the inside of the body in addition to the routine cleaning conservation obscure corner easy to gather dust, and netizens also need to pay more attention to, so as not to affect the safety of the occupant.

Efficient waxing method

So after crude wax, the average person will likely be typing fine wax. However, in this way construction and can not be fully effectiveness of the wax product. Because previous layer of wax will affect the adhesion of the outer layer of fine wax, and reducing the fine wax durability. Fought crude wax, best water body light wash again and wipe dry, then cast the right amount of fine wax. Smeared fine wax it's best to wait for the moment, such as the inner layer of wax products penetrate the paint and slightly dry, re-polishing. This not only able to increase its durability, and also enables the car to exhibit desirable gloss.

Conservation of body inside

Dirty windows can use detergents to clean windows in the reservoir, of course, can also be cleaned with water, but the efficiency is not so high, the brightness is not enough. At the same time can not wash away the oil film, the film is easily in the sun have a seven-color spotted affect drivers' line of sight, it must be removed as soon as possible. There is a dedicated glass detergent, then sprayed a layer of window glass condensate liquid is even more ideal.

Cleaning tires

And body needs beauty as the tire easier due to direct contact with the ground is dirty. General dust, dirt, rinse them with water. If, however, such as asphalt, oil stuck to flush away this time. Now a special pressure tank tire clean lotion, a spray in the side of the tire, it can be dissolved away the mess, and tire brand new.

Conservation of the window glass

The car sanitation owners every day to clean up ashtrays, wipe the windows, tidy dashboard, take care of mats, foot. Secondly, the limousine is mostly leather seats, leather is both natural things, chemical cleaning agents can not just spray up, should be used in strong alkaline cleaning agents, such as soapy water and the like, washed cotton paper towel to dry. The seat fabric lining, dispose of them is relatively simple.


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