The waste tire Asphalt standards officially released

Recently, the organization prepared by the Municipal Transportation Commission "waste tire rubber asphalt road with the technical requirements of" the successful completion of the preparation and the official release will be implemented from July 1, 2013. The standard applies to the structural layer of new construction and renovation of road works and road surface functional layer; provisions of the road works, waste tire rubber asphalt, rubber asphalt mixture, the heat spreaders rubber asphalt waterproof adhesive layer technology requirements.

    Our country to carry out research in this area for more than 20 years of history, the past five to six years, especially in the context of the rapid development of the national economic construction, waste tire crumb rubber in asphalt pavement technology achieved breakthrough . Especially in recent years, waste tire rubber asphalt has been successfully applied in the Chang'an Street overhaul project, 110 State Road reconstruction works, the Beijing Olympic city road construction projects and other major projects. According to preliminary estimates, every year Beijing applications to more than 100,000 t of waste tire rubber asphalt mixture. Per ton of waste tire rubber asphalt than SBS modified asphalt 200-600 yuan, annual savings of more than 20 million of the construction cost; prolong Maintenance cycle 3 years; reduce tire or road noise 3dB (A) above.

    The promulgation and implementation of standards for specification Beijing scrap tire rubber asphalt mixture preparation to ensure the quality of the waste tire rubber asphalt pavement, to promote the application of waste tire rubber asphalt in road construction in Beijing is of great significance, conducive waste tires environmental recycling.


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